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Chapter 2: The Third Impossible Thing
    Despite the protests of their parents, the children of the village were more motivated by their curiosity and excitement at the sight of a giant than by fear or caution.  Thus, did the Kalevide make his way to Nasva, in the hour before sundown.  Already word has spread to the nearby houses and docks about their visiting friend, who had made himself comfortable sitting against the side of a barn near the center of town.  His legs were sprawled out across the east road out of town and he playfully shot knowing glances at the young ones who were trying to sneak a look at him while his head was turned.
    With a playful look on his face, he changed his seat and let his long legs extend across the Nasva River.  Closing his eyes he pretended not to notice the children at all.  At first only the boldest ones would even approach the giant.  In short order the children were not only touching their king, but jumping onto him from a nearby wo
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Chapter 1: A House Without Walls
    As many times as Vesa looked at the cloud that morning, he was certain that it had not moved from its place in the sky.  It was the last day of summer, and a cool breeze rippled the surface of the lake, and he longed to be out on the waters instead of mending fishing nets.  Despite the weather, the cloud kept its place in the sky, but to him it was only the second most interesting sight in the heavens.
    “Come on Mikk, ask him.”  Innar and Vallo had spent most their morning goofing off, as usual, but it now seemed like they were turning their attention to Vesa.  Not missing the opportunity, Mikk dropped his needle and strode over to Vesa, blocking his view of the lake and sunny sky.
    “So Vesa, tell me about the tree.”  Reaching out his massive hand, Mikk shoved Vesa’s shoulder and laughed.  But Vesa was ready for it and simply let himself fall over backwards.  The boys all got their
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Prologue: Visitors from the Northern Wilds
    There are few things worse than waking up before you’re ready.  Kwaku kept his eyes closed and hoped the noise from the birds in the forest would quiet down, but they did not.  Usually he welcomed the sound of his feathered friends; but today the tropical birds had woken him up before the light of the sun, and there was no comfort to be found in their chattering.
    “Curse those birds, too eager to start the day before even Nyame is awake.”  He rubbed his eyes awake as he sat up, stretching out his back and legs.
    To his side, his wife breathed in deep, revealing she was awake as well.  But she did not open her eyes or move.
    “Nobody is ever ready for the day to start.  You just get up and make breakfast for the children because you love your wife who spent the better half of the night caring for your infant child and…”
    “Say no more dear one.”  
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Purple Autumn by Rhiann0n-Lee Purple Autumn :iconrhiann0n-lee:Rhiann0n-Lee 1,077 158
A Doubtful Adventure 4_Trust and revelation
A Doubtful Adventure by Mag889
4_Trust and revelation
A huge slam on the door cut off any further conversations. The tunnel of the bunker tilted a bit under the rising pressure of the headcrab mass.
Freeman got up first and rushed to the opposite end of the tunnel, not even sure if it made any sense. Both Big Mark and Wendy ran with him, even trying to go pass him but none of them was so fast.
"I'm still number one!" Though Gordon and his ego grew a little bit... In his heart he felt this terrible trembelling, because he's just avoided being eaten alive by the mega-swarm of all kinds of facehuggers. He shook his head and got to the other door.
It was open and inviting daylight was shining from the outside. It was a good weather today.
"A good day for killing. Don't you think?" Said Freeman, like his mind suddenly switched to a killer mode.
Wendy and Big Mark looked at each other frightened and shared understanding nods.
With a distinct gesture of his hand, Mark quickly suggested: "Shou
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BangBang Ch. 02
Sitting at a booth in the back of the room, Bonny stared down at the lines and cracks on the brown rectangular table. She was deep in thought.
The owner of the bar, Mirabelle, a tall ebony colored young lady went over to Bonny and sat next to her then asked, "What's wrong, sugar?"
"Mirabelle, will you tell me who my mum is?"
Mirabelle sighed and leaned back on the chair. Her chocolate eyes wondered up to the ceiling before answering. She told Bonny, "Bonny, dear, your mother was only here twice: When she met your dad and when she had you. Nobody ever saw her again."
"What did she look like?"
"She was tall and um.." Mirabelle thought, "tall and thin with brown curly hair down her back. She had tanned skin and red fiery eyes. She was a frightening woman!" Mirabelle shuddered.
"Mum is a pirate?" Bonny became excited.
"She was when she came here."
"Do you know where she went?"
"A little port off the coast of them Caribbean islands. Torguna...Torsuga...Tortuga. Something like it. But that w
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I'd like to have some sort of commentary on my novels and short stories, so I'm going to provide some incentive for it.

I'll email one of my high-quality art files to anybody who makes a trope entry on TVtropes.

Add a trope entry to the TV tropes pages for my stories.  

Send me a note or an email at with the following:

your TVTropes user name
on which page you added to
an email where I can send you the art
which art you'd like to receive or, alternately, give me a thumbnail of a piece to feature on my profile or journal

Of course, you'll want to choose one of the pieces of art that have a price connected to them, since all the rest are free anyway.

Pages that already exist for some of my books are here:


Divine Blood



The following does not exist yet:

New Seeds

Add a reference to one of my books on a trope page rather than one of those work pages and I'll give you two pieces of art.  Like "Badass" or "Deadpan Snarker".

For those that don't have the novels, some of the short stories are free to download and some chapters of the novels are on this site in my gallery.


Divine Blood Stories on DA

Greenwater Stories on DA

Zodiacs Stories on DA(currently only one)

New Seeds Stories
More Journal Entries






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Anyone read Hottie 3: The Best Fan Fic in the World and/or Hottie 4: Even Better Sequel?
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Hello everyone in the Writers' Society!

I am currently offering a speed critiquing service for those who want to get professional standard feedback on their prose writing/or poems at a cheap price. I've just finished my latest 45,000 editing/proofreading job and I'm looking for new works!

You could have your short story, the first chapter of your novel or one-act script read by the end of the day with in depth feedback on how to improve!

If you're interested in finding out more, follow the link to my job service forum post.

I look forward to hearing from you! =D
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